Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Staying home

Well it has been a while since I have blogged and it's time to get back into it. Finley is growing up before our eyes! She LOVES to sit straight up an stand on our legs. She has a sensitive tummy, unlike Jax who could eat anything and chooses not to :) She has a BEAUTIFUL smile and I love to see it, but she does make you work for it. She giggles occasionally and it's usually for David or Jax but we take what we can get. She sleeps for long stretches but usually gets up once a night. She is a nuzzler which I LOVE. She has adorable long skinny feet and we are still waiting for her to fit into all of her newborn shoes! I adore this little girl and am so lucky to be her mama!

Jax has been growing like a weed as well! We went to the park on Monday and he made his first friend! He has been in daycare and nursery where he has to be in the same room with people and naturally makes friends. This is the first time he has walked up to someone and befriended them. It was SO cute. This little girl who was about 5 was riding her bike when Jax ran over and said," Hi! I'm Jaxon!" and she responded with her name. We didn't really catch it but I think it was Athena. Then she circled back around and he showed her his jacket and blue ball that he brought. She looked a little weird-ed out but then as she was about to ride away she asked if he would be her friend! After that she would ride by and talk to him and even said "Bye Jaxon!" When she left. It may seem silly, but it was such a proud, touching moment! You always wonder about whether your kids will fit in, or be happy and confident and for those 5 minutes, I could see Jax was ok. He could do it on his own, that someone was able to see what I see in him. He's amazing. I would be lying if I said I didn't tear up. I was so proud of him.

In other news, he is hilarious in the things he says now. He tell us he's proud of us, he loves us, that were funny or silly and it melts my heart. Monday we dropped David off to get his car and as we pulled out he said "Bye Honey! I love you Honey!" to David. He happened to be out of the car already and didn't hear but it was so sweet and heartfelt. He also loves to cuddle and gives "Lovies" when he is ready for bed or just feeling like getting some attention.

Lately he has been seeing a "mouse" in the house. It's not a real mouse, we don't really know what it is, but we do know he is afraid of it. He will randomly scream and run over and tell you about the scary mouse. I've heard of kids having imaginary friends, but never and imaginary enemy. Crazy kid. I think it is just a phase and he will get over it, but time will tell. For now, we just try to tell him he is safe and loved.

We are starting to look at homes to buy which is exciting! We have to top contenders which are only two streets away from each other in the same neighborhood, but we will see if it all works out. We can't wait! Jaxon needs a yard so badly. He loves being outside and condo life just isn't for him (or the dog). I will update more later, we should be seeing the houses Friday (hopefully). YAY!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Finley Kaite

She's here! I can't believe our little girl is finally here and in our arms. She is even more precious than I imagined. The delivery was pretty easy and non eventful since it was a C-section. We woke up at 6 am, I showered with the special soap I had to buy and got dressed. Then I got Jax dressed, loaded up the car, and dropped Jax off at daycare before heading to the hospital. To be honest, I was really dreading the drop off. I felt like I would be very emotional saying good bye to him for the last time as an only child but I was so excited to go meet our little girl it really wasn't bad.

When we got to the hospital everything was very efficient. A little old lady behind the desk gave us a cute little crocheted hat for our baby girl, and told us where to go. We were told where to register which only took a few minutes and then they took me back to pre-op where they got me changed and ready. They had these awesome head peices that were totally voice operated, hands free, phone systems. They could call whoever they wanted just by saying "call so and so". I remember being very impressed by the efficiency of everyone. My nurse was very sassy and snotty to everyone else but was very kind to me.

We got done so early the Dr called an hour early (10 am) to see if I wanted to go in early. Of course I did, and she came in around 10:30 and took me to the operating room to get my spinal. That was what I was most nervous about, but it honestly barely hurt at all. I got an epidural with Jax but was nervous about what it would feel like without contractions to distract me from the spinal pain. I was worried for nothing, my anesthesiologist was amazing and so sweet. I remember feeling tingly and being afraid my spinal wasn't working and he explained that was normal and expected. I also remember having trouble breathing, which they also said was normal, but still scary! I also was so glad when my Dr. came over and put her hands on my knees while I was waiting for the spinal. I was SO nervous and David had to wait outside and I was all alone sitting on my table. She came over and just talked to me and told me how excited she was to meet my baby and really calmed me down.

All in all everything was over so quickly! I didn't even know they had started and until the baby was almost out. I was very freaked out that David was watching but he said he couldn't really see too much. This was good because last time he walked in half way through the Csection and said I was covered in blood (I lost aLOT of blood with Jax). The Dr said I had healed great from my last Csection and she could barely see the scars.

Then I heard my little girls first cry. I am so glad I had this memory because I don't with Jaxon. I sent David over to tell me the details. I asked if there was still only 1 (irrational fear I had with this one) and that she was still in fact a girl. They told me she had a little birth mark on her face and a TON of hair. When she was clean they brought her over for me to see her little adorable face for the first time. I remember seeing her beautiful eyes and how bright and open they were. I loved that she would hold my hand because Jaxon never would. She held on SO tight and kept my finger until we had to move to recovery. She had the same little chin quiver as Jaxon and the same pouty bottom lip. She had such a sweet cry. I loved her instantly and never wanted to let her go.

We took her into recovery where I got to do kangaroo care which I was VERY excited about since I didn't get to with Jaxon. I still love doing skin to skin with her and hearing her sweet little cry. She still has those big beautiful eyes that I love to look at. She was such a snuggler and still is but does need her own alone time in the swing which is nice.

Jaxon is ENAMORED with her. Anytime she opens her eyes he shreiks with delight and says "It's looking at Jaxon!". He loves to her hold her and kiss her and especially rub her hair. He still calls her "it" which I think is cute. He will come in and say "Where is it?" and "I wanna hold it". He is so attentive and makes sure to tell us whenever she is crying. I absolutely love our little family and can't imagine what it would be like with out Finley.

It did take us a while to name her. We originally had 3 or 4 names picked out but when we saw her, she did not look like a single one. We had chosen strong names to go with Jaxons name but she really looked like she needed more of a sweet name. David went and stayed the first night with Jaxon and came back in the morning and asked what I thought of the name Finley. I loved it and after going through all other possible options we thought it fit her best. We got Kaite from my middle name, which is Kathleen. I have never loved the name so we shortened it and added an i in the middle for flair. Not everyone loved it, but we did and that is all that mattered. We have since gotten many compliments on her name.

We adore our little girl so much and while life has been an adjustment, we are excited to see what the future has in store for us and our family. I am enjoying seeing each member of our family grow with the experience of bringing in a new member of our family. I can't imagine what we would do without her little smile in our lives every day. LOVE her little heart!

Friday, December 6, 2013

One last post before B-day

So today is probably my last post before our little girl arrives. It is CRAZY how fast this pregnancy has gone. I knew it would. Between working and keeping up with Jax, it was bound to. May I also say THANK GOODNESS it has gone by quickly. This pregnancy has taken it out of me. I remember when I got pregnant with Jax loving EVERY moment. I was never sick, and always felt that "glow". I had an adorable belly and gained practically no weight. YAY! I was heart sick when I thought about the time that would come when I knew I wouldn't be pregnant anymore. This pregnancy has been a tender mercy. It has kicked my butt and me more aware that pregnancy isn't easy! There will be a time when I am ok with this chapter being over, and that honestly helps me a lot.

I haven't gained any weight with the pregnancy which is nice. I actually lost 20 lbs and have gained back 10 putting me 10 lbs below pre-pregnancy weight. That's where the niceness ends. She is SSSSOOO strong her kicks commonly HURT. She has been breech and pinching nerves "down there" and I do NOT have a cute belly with this baby. I have been extraordinarily lucky considering she has been small so far (or should I say I have been carrying small) so I can get all my work done at the preschool.

As for Jaxon, he is absolutely AMAZING! His teacher are amazed with how smart he is and he continues to suprise them. He is the youngest in his class by about 6 months and they tell me weekly that he is the youngest in the class but the smartest as well. He went into school at just over 2 years old knowing his alphabet, counting to 10, and knowing all his colors. Since then he has learned his name, numerous shapes (not just square and triangle), and how to count to 15-17 depending on his mood. The amazing this is he can recognize all the other kids names in the class now as well as how they are spelled! He pays attention to so many little things and surprises us every day.

He is also hilarious. He is so sweet and caring. He has some crazy charisma! Everyone falls in love with him almost instantly. He may be a stinker at times, but he really has a sweet spirit and knows when he's let you down. He clues into so many social ques and really tries to make people smile. We have yet to see the terrible twos, though I think they will emerge when baby sister is brought home.

He is still a SUPER picky eater and bath time is still touch and go. He is obsessed with electronics which I still cringe at, but he takes after daddy. His hair is as wild as can be and has yet to be tamed. He is also pretty obstinate when it comes to going potty. He flat out refuses so we will try again after baby sister.

Things he loves right now:

Monsters University
lady bugs
his shoes/socks (he ALWAYS wants them on)
anything pink is "baby sisters!"
Kissing baby sister
Kisses on the cheek
snow men (any kind of snow or ice is a snowman)
play dough
magna tiles
assigning familial roles to character in books, tv, or anywhere
any fruit/veggie/dairy product

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jaxon-isms and baby 2

Jax said some really cute things today I thought I would jot down. First I asked him what his baby sisters name should be and he looks at me and says, "Uuummm.... Applegate!" Which I thought was adorable. He recently got some gummys in church and was shouting "apple, applegate, apple, applegate!" so I shouldn't have been too suprised but it was cute that he knew it was a name.

Also, we were watching an old TV show today and the phone kept ringing (a pesky mother in law episode). He would get very upset and say "the clock! Stop the clock!!!" A few minutes later we went upstairs for his bath. As soon as we got there he started crying. I calmed him down and asked why he was upset he said "that clock was scary!!" so we had to shut the door and hide from the clock until he got in the bath and forgot about it. Poor guy didn't even know what a ringing phone sounded like!

I guess now would be a good time to jot down a few thoughts about baby number 2. I have been pretty quiet up until now but I was pretty sick the first 20 weeks and trying to keep it hush hush until I got my insurance all worked out. It turned out to be worth it because everything is all worked out and I have a healthy little girl!

First off, I couldn't have been more surprised that it was a girl! I thought from WAY before we thought about number 2 that it would be a boy. I could just feel it. When I finally did get pregnant I just knew in my heart it was a boy. I was ready for a boy. I was glad we wouldn't have to buy more stuff, excited for Jax to have a brother, had 3 names lined up. I think I wouldn't have been more surprised if the tech had said it was a llama! We are now excited and I have a ton of friend who are willing to help me with clothes and learning to make bows. I am excited!

I am however quite irked with the little lady. I told David I am NOT having another girl as long as I live. I was almost constantly nauseous, and do NOT show cutely like I did with Jax. I just look fat. I am not a fan of being pregnant with girls. I can understand why people get frustrated with pregnancy and are ready to be done. I NEVER felt like that with Jax. I remember being okay with being pregnant forever. Sure, it was hard to roll over in bed and I peed 5 times a night but I loved it. This time, I'm ready to be done and meet little miss. She also kicks a lot more than Jax did which is nice. I love to sit in bed and feel her kick. Well, actually she's breech so I guess its punching I feel more than anything.

So that's our life right now. Work is going well and I enjoy my days. It sure is making this pregnancy FLY by! Jax is growing up and is such a sweet heart. I love him with all that I have and cannot imagine not waking up to his smile and giggles every morning. He bring so much joy to everyone and I am constantly hearing storys from his teachers and subs about cute things he does during the day. That kid is a charmer! Just like daddy :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

This kid is too cute

So this morning Jax was being EXTRA cute. I let him play with my kindle this morning and it went off unexpectedly (he sometimes pushes it with his finger). He looks down at it and says "Uh oh, It's broken. It's trash". I CRACKED up.

THEN I had finished changing his diaper and as usual he was asking for his pants before I was even finished. So I decide to put some shorts on him for the first time since last summer. He gets excited to put them on (also as usual, the kid loves pants) and when they get all pulled up he looks down and has a mini freak out. He starts pulling them down and yelling "my pants! my pants! my pants!" and trying to pull them down to regular pants length. I assured him that it was ok and they were supposed to be like that.

Another cute thing he's doing is calling David and I "honey". You would think it would be a term of endearment but it's really only used when he's frustrated at us or trying to get our attention. For example, if he wants me to open a snack for him and I'm trying to load the dish washer or cook dinner, he yells "HONEY!!! HONEY!!!" and that usually lets me know he means business.

He is also learning his numbers and letters. he knows 1-9 and most of his letters. I was wearing a shirt that said MOREHEAD STATE VOLUNTEER and he sat on my lap and went through each letter! He didn't get U or V but the others he had covered. He's so sweet.

Also, he does this thing when he's upset, where he puts his nose on things. At first, he would get annoyed and he would walk away and put his nose on the wall. We thought he was just calming down and working through his feelings. How he will put his nose on anything to calm down and we realized it was more about the nose than him working through feelings by leaving and taking a minute to himself. He doesn't care if it's an arm, couch, shopping cart handle, dog... He's not picky, he just likes his nose on something.

He is getting to be so fun and so sweet I just can't take it. He loves to dance, where he stomps and swings his arms. He loves to twirl in circles, he pats the dog and says "good girl myah", or will do it to David and I and say "good girl mama" or daddy. He loves Thomas, strawberries (straw-bah), pants, Marty our friends dog, coloring, and running.

The kid is for sure David's son too. He can navigate his way around my kindle, Davids phone, and the TV. We used to just be able to turn off the TV but he learned how to turn it on. We have no where to hide the clicker really either because he can reach literally everywhere. The kid is already 3 ft 2 inches tall and when you add in tippie toes and arms, he can reach most of the things we can. I guess we haven't tried the top of the fridge yet, but it's only a matter of time! If you give him a phone he gets on netflix and turns on Thomas. No wifi? No problem. The kid is satisfied with Angry birds, which he finds himself and opens and everything. When he gets bored of that he usually goes to the photo album and finds some cute movies of himself and is satisfied for a while. The kid is crazy.

Anyways, That's all for now. I will hopefully do another blog about Columbus soon. Maybe even some pictures!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bored Birthday post

Okay so today I am SUPER bored so I thought I may as well blog about Jax's Birthday. There are lots of pics on facebook so I'll only include the highlights but I really wish I knew how to make slide shows for a blog so I could just put one at the bottom. 

So I woke up with David around 7 so I could be ready and dressed before Jax woke up. He ended up waking up early so it was a rush to get the balloons ready and in the hallway. We didn't want to put any IN his room because he would probably see them at 5 am and there would be no getting him back to sleep. The hilarious thing was he peeks under the door when he wakes up so he could see the ballons and he was calling out to them. He would say "Balloon!? Red... Green... Blue... BALLOON!!!". It was super precious. His little hands were under the door reaching for them and everything. Finally we got him away from the door so we could open it and he tried to hug each balloon before herding them down the steps. He wanted them all downstairs so he could play with them all day. 

We tried to make him feel special and let him have whatever he likes the most for his birthday, or whatever he wanted within reason. For breakfast we had doughnut holes with sprinkles (fail), fruit snacks, (he ate some and fed the rest to myah our dog), and banana which he had about 3 bites of. Then I let him sit on the couch with my kindle as long as he wanted and watch what he wants. 

Yes as sad as it is, my son can turn on almost any device in the house, find netflix or hulu, and knows how to switch on Thomas. YES I am ashamed but honestly he just catches on quick, we don't spend THAT much time watching TV. I'll just claim he takes after his dad. As we speak he is surfing netflix trying to find a new cartoon to watch. *sigh*. 

ANYWAYS, the rest of the day was pretty standard. We ate lunch (pizza) and then put him down for his nap. David got home late that night so instead of going to dinner like we planned we had to have daddy grab something. He got yogurt, fries, and fig newtons for dinner. Like I said, anything he wants for the day. Presents went well. We gave him some Thomas trains, lots of books, bubbles, chalk, and big boy undies which we let him try on. 

He is having a small party at my sisters this weekend so that should be super fun. It's Thomas themed but were not doing anything crazy. I'm trying to keep it under $100 food and everything included. 

It snowed on his birthday which wasn't a big surprise. This kid attracts snow! The night he was literally born, we drove an hour in the freezing rain and snow to get to the hospital, last year on his birthday it snowed, and this year as well. We got about 6 inches in Columbus! He loved it but after the puke incident was not allowed to play much outside since I didn't want him sick for his party.

Well that's about it for now. I'll do a post on Columbus next week hopefully. There had better be more to report than there is now! We've both been a little stir crazy not being able to do much. Here's to a better week next week.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Puke-o-rama 2013

Sssssssoooooooo We have been pretty lucky when it comes to Jax's health. So far he has never been "sick". He has had three runny noses and one slight cough. Well today he made up for it.

Whilst sitting in CHURCH during testimony meeting, Jax is standing on the back pew, facing the back of the room. I look over at him because he's being sweet and all of the sudden he just GUSHES! Purple puke everywhere. Down the pew, the floor behind us, him, me... EVERYWHERE. YUCK!

At this point I am dumbfounded (quite literally). I sit there trying to comprehend what to do since I have never been in the situation, much less in church! I "whisper scream", as David later described it, to my clueless husband that Jax has spewed blue corn chips and grape juice all over and stand up to take care of Jax assuming he would gather that I need him to clean up the pew. He later told me he had no idea what he was supposed to do about it but started to clean up with the baggie of wipes I had brought and the lady in front of us spared some wipes for the cause.

Poor Jax's little white shirt was covered as were his pants. In my shock, I tried to cover his mouth causing a good portion of the puke to soak into his clothes. Luckily we brought another sweater that was unaffected by the puke and we took off his white shirt and put him in a clean sweater and tried to leave ASAP. I took Jax out to the car and David went and explained to the bishop what happened and asked to put a sign up for the ward after us to steer clear of that row.

All in all it was an eventful day but SO GROSS! The kid knows how to make things count that's for sure. Hopefully the puking is over and we can enjoy the day. We felt like we should steer clear of people in case he's contagious and I was covered in puke so our day was just pretty much shot. Oh, the day in the life of an Applegate!